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Comment Spam

We've had a deluge of comments lately with the subject "people", which are nothing but spam ads. I just changed the site so that they will now only be posted with our approval. With this change, you won't immediately see your comment after you hit the "submit" button. It will show up once one of us okays it. It's a pain, but it's better than eliminating comments altogether.

House so far

We're nearing our second week in the house, and I'm just starting to learn where light switches are. Still no internet, and after years of having it on demand it feels like loosing a sense. Unfortunately, we're too far out for cable or DSL, so we're looking into satellite. We looked into access through the cell phone network, but they charge over $50 a month per device. If Heidi and I both wanted our laptops online, we'd be paying over $100 per month.


We've returned from back-to-back trips to the U.P. and Tennessee. More on that in future posts. The two days since we got back have been spent moving into the house, after which I think we're both ready for another vacation. Big thanks to everybody who helped us with cleaning and moving this weekend. We would never be in now if it weren't for your help.

More Pictures

We put some new house pictures up today. A few of the counters and newer ones of stone and siding. Our guess for a move-in date is sometime in June.

Also, this is apparently how Sam and Mitch act when they think we're not looking:

Go Green!

Brightened Light Pillars

Same picture, but brighter:

Light Pillars

Here's a picture of some light pillars I took last night. It's a little blurry because it had a 24 second shutter speed, and I was using a barstool for a tripod. I can assure you that 24 seconds seems like a much longer period of time when you're standing outside in below freezing temperatures waiting for a camera to click.

Snowed In

Quite the weather we're having today. We have both a "Winter Weather Advisory" and a "Blizzard Warning". Luckily Heidi and I watched the forecast last night, and knew it was coming, because we're not going anywhere today.

We got groceries last night, and rented some movies. We both really liked The Illusionist. We'll let you know about Good Night, and Good Luck and Clerks II. We've paused our movie marathon to watch the MSU game, and we're hoping they'll pick it up in the second half.

The news just broke in during halftime, and they're urging everyone to stay off the roads. It looks like everything is closed anyway. Not that we're planning on going out in this:

House News

We've been mentioning the house plans for a while, but Tuesday we broke ground. It doesn't look like much yet, of course. We're excited though. Until now, everything has just been on paper, and it's nice to see the results.

As usual, pictures are available in the gallery.

Busy Summer

We've been going non-stop so far this summer. I've been putting in overtime at work trying to get my stuff done on time. Heidi's off all summer, but she's been getting a lot done. We've been doing as much as we can now though, since this is most of the time off she gets.


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