New Pictures

We've used our new internet access to upload some more of our backlog of pictures from this summer. First, there are some new ones in the Gatlinburg album. We've also added some new pictures:


Hi, Heidi/Chase:

First, Heidi..thank you for the recommendation of the chinese restaurant in Lake Odessa....Jeff and I went before Christmas and it was REALLY REALLY good!!!

Now, Gatlinburg, looked at your pics of Cades Cove.....have you seen the movie The Village? Did it cross your mind when you were in Cades Cove? It did ours when we were there, April 2005.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday season and hope we can see you again at the R Club!!

I love Chee Peng, I eat there all the time for lunch! I also recommend the Sunfield Coffee Company if you are ever in Sunfield.