Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I am finally getting around to posting pictures from Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve going between parties at Chase's grandpa's house and my dad's house. Thankfully, they live across the street from each other. We spent Christmas day at my mom's house and Chase's parents' house. Christmas break made me look forward to summer vacation. As usual, I was not ready to go back to work. Chase did not get much of a break since he was asked to work over Christmas. We got lots of wonderful gifts.

Happy Halloween!

We went to my dad's house on Halloween to celebrate Benny (10/31), Jackie (11/1), and Angie's (11/2) birthdays. Ryan, Aaron, and Dylan went trick or treating dressed as Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and Yoda. Unfortunately, we did not take any pictures. We're not sure if we got any trick or treaters at our house, but I really doubt it since we live so far out in the boonies.

New Pictures

We've used our new internet access to upload some more of our backlog of pictures from this summer. First, there are some new ones in the Gatlinburg album. We've also added some new pictures:

This Post is Coming to You From Space

...or at least from our house, with a brief layover in space. In other words, we finally broke down and got a satellite dish. Two of them really: one for internet, and one for TV. Of course, tonight would be the night we get a big storm that messes up the signal. Now that I've gotten this through the storm, though, I'm heading to bed.

More pictures

We spent another couple hours at Panara, and Heidi has posted some more pictures. First, are most of the pictures from our trip to Gatlinburg, Tennesee back in June. Next, we have a couple from the Kent Cottage. Finally, we have some from the Bolen Cottage. We're not caught up yet, but we're getting there.

Soccer Pictures

We finally were able to post some more pictures. The new album has pictures from some of the nephews' spring soccer games. They were posted from Panera, and it took over an hour to get them uploaded. At that rate, it's going to take us a while to get summer pictures up until we get some broadband at home.

Silver Lining to Gas Prices?

Nobody likes the gas price trends, but heres a paper that points out a possible good side. It links low gas prices and obesity. The idea is that higher prices make people drive less, walk more, and eat less unhealthy restaurant food. This assumes that people cook more healthy meals than restaurants, I guess.

Comment Spam

We've had a deluge of comments lately with the subject "people", which are nothing but spam ads. I just changed the site so that they will now only be posted with our approval. With this change, you won't immediately see your comment after you hit the "submit" button. It will show up once one of us okays it. It's a pain, but it's better than eliminating comments altogether.

House so far

We're nearing our second week in the house, and I'm just starting to learn where light switches are. Still no internet, and after years of having it on demand it feels like loosing a sense. Unfortunately, we're too far out for cable or DSL, so we're looking into satellite. We looked into access through the cell phone network, but they charge over $50 a month per device. If Heidi and I both wanted our laptops online, we'd be paying over $100 per month.


We've returned from back-to-back trips to the U.P. and Tennessee. More on that in future posts. The two days since we got back have been spent moving into the house, after which I think we're both ready for another vacation. Big thanks to everybody who helped us with cleaning and moving this weekend. We would never be in now if it weren't for your help.


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