More pictures

I posted pictures of our 4th of July weekend at the Wever cottage, our diving dog, and new pictures of the land. The land looks a lot different from earlier pictures. There are leaves on the trees and the grass has been mowed. There is also a picture of where we think the house and backyard will go. We will keep posting updates on the progress of our house. We are going to Chicago soon and then on a canoe trip with some friends. I'm sure there will be more pictures and updates following these trips, it should be eventful! P.S. I just wrote my first html codes, how nerdy!

Camping at Muskallonge Lake

We've just posted the pictures from Muskallonge Lake State Park in the U.P. We spent three nights there, and had a great time. We got in some fishing, spent some time on the beach, and got in a side trip to Tahquamenon Falls. Pictures of both Muskallonge and Tahquamenon are in the gallery.

Pictures from Altoona

We took a trip a couple weeks ago to see Kyle. He's working as a strength and conditioning coach for the Altoona Curve, a minor league baseball team in Pennsylvania. We spent part of a day in the resort Kyle's living in, and went to a game that evening. Pictures are in the gallery.

Land Closing

We closed on the land purchase this past Tuesday. We’re very glad to have that behind us. Now we just have to start designing a house, building it, and paying for all this…

Heidi's Graduation

This is also a bit late, but Heidi graduated last weekend from MSU. It was pretty dark where the convocation was held, so those pictures didn't turn out too well. We got some nice ones in MSU's garden though.

Easter pictures

These are pretty late, but you can see the pictures in the gallery.

Buying Land

Our offer was accepted recently on some land in the Ada/Lowell area. We took some pictures when we were looking around, and you can check them out in the gallery. We have plot two of three on the survey, with the private road (the farmhouse's old driveway) running through the center.

Literal Translation Game

Remember the telephone game? Here's what happens when you do it with movie dialog, translating from English to Chinese back to English:
Star War Episode III: The Backstroke of the West

Thanks John, well worth the time spent reading.

Very Late Holiday Pictures

This is almost a month late, but we hope everybody had a good holiday season. Ours was nice; very relaxing despite our yearly Odyssey across Michigan. Here are the pictures.

Heidi started her paid internship this month. She's responsible for more schools now, which results in more work and more driving. We're really looking forward to the added income though. Hopefully we'll finally be able to save up some money, and get out of apartments.

Intro to Avionics Class Field Trip

I attended a class at work called Introduction to Avionics, which was intended to bring up to speed those of us new to the aerospace industry. It briefly covered the technologies used to keep private, commercial, and military planes in the air. One of our last classes consisted of a trip to Western's College of Aviation, where we got to fly their 737 simulator. The pictures I recently posted cover our flight, and some of the other things we got to see.


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