New Job

I recently accepted a position at Smiths Aerospace. It will mean a bit of a commute for a while, but they're on the east side of Grand Rapids so it's not too bad. I think we'll be looking to move closer eventually.

New Pictures

Pictures should now be up of Aaron's birthday and of this Saturday's poker game. Also, our webspace was rapidly filling, so we had to reduce the size of the pictures. Some of the older albums are now archived too.

Thanks to everybody who came for poker night. It was a lot of fun. Gonzo and Mark were well ahead when we stopped playing, so congratulations guys. Everybody else, you know who to aim for next time :)

Update for February

Here's an update as to what's going on with us at the moment...

Having graduated in December, I'm still looking around for a job. I applied to several places, and I'm working through the process and waiting to hear back. In the meantime I'm finishing up some projects with the Geography Department at MSU, and trying to make sure the handoff to other programmers goes smoothly.

Christmas Pictures

The pictures should be up by the time anybody reads this. They won't have any captions yet, but they'll be there. Next on the list: New Years

Holiday pictures soon

We'll get the holiday pictures up soon. We have a bit of a space crunch at the moment though. Those pictures take up a lot of room!

Happy New Year

Hope everybody had a nice New Years. We spent it watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy extended edition with some friends. Yes, that's around 12 hours of movie, and yes, I'm quite aware that I'm a geek :)

Wedding pictures

Our wedding pictures are now on our site. Click on Gallery on the left. Thank you to everyone who came, it was a great day!

New site software

I've decided that I probably won't have time to maintain the stuff I wrote before, so we're trying out some existing site software called drupal. Please excuse any bumps along the way.



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