Light Pillars

Here's a picture of some light pillars I took last night. It's a little blurry because it had a 24 second shutter speed, and I was using a barstool for a tripod. I can assure you that 24 seconds seems like a much longer period of time when you're standing outside in below freezing temperatures waiting for a camera to click.


The picture isn't coming through to my computer. Do I need to click on anything to make it show up?

Apparently the picture is too dark for some monitors. It's fine on my laptop home, but looks like a black square on my work PC. I'll see what I can do to fix it tonight.

It looks ok on a larger monitor (my work screen is 17"), but the pillars are clearly visible - so, what's causing them?

They're apparently caused by light being refracted through ice crystals suspended in the air. Here's an article about them on wikipedia. I'm not sure what the light sources were.