On Security Now this week, they mentioned Asm.js. This project by the Mozilla guys creates a subset of javascript that's pre-compilable, thus creating a huge performance boost for scripts. Even better, the fact that it's still valid javascript means that it runs in engines that don't support Asm.js. HUGOMORE42 This is a great idea, and could open up some scripting possibilities that were unfeasible even in Chrome's engine. I hope other browsers jump on this bandwagon!

The problem for Yahoo is that this mandate isn't about "Home" or "Office", it's about "Home or Office." It's about flexibility, autonomy, and freedom. The ability to choose when and where to do my work is part of the reason I went into this business in the first place. It also factors in to which companies I choose to work for, and I'll bet a lot of Yahoo employees made the same calculation.

On Tap: American Wheat

Thought I'd post the latest beer. I was going for something light, with a little citrus flavor. It turned out pretty well. The only thing I'd change would be to add a little more hop toward the end of the boil. HUGOMORE42 Grain I did a mash with 2qt water per lb at 148-150F for an hour. After adding extract, I boiled the wort for 90 minutes. 2 lbs wheat malt 2 lbs 2-row 3 lbs wheat dry extract Hop Schedule All additions are Amarillo: 0.

Cozumel Part 2

I somehow just realized that I forgot to post the rest of the Cozumel stay. Here it is. HUGOMORE42 The main road on Cozumel essentially makes a loop around the lower half of the island. Starting at San Miguel in the west, it heads east till it hits the ocean, follows the coast all the way south, and then loops back north to San Miguel again along the west coast.


Just posted the pictures from our vacation to Cozumel, Mexico over Thanksgiving. It was a strange time to go on a trip, but, Heidi only has vacation days at certain times. Most of that is in summer (when it's nice to be in Michigan), so our vacation dates are pretty narrowed down. HUGOMORE42 We stayed in a hotel called Casita de Maya. We hoped that staying in a smaller place would give us a better feel for the culture, and a more personal experience.

I recently attended the 2009 edition of Bar Camp, Grand Rapids, which was very interesting as always. Bar Camp is a conference (mostly oriented toward technology) where everybody is encouraged to present on whatever interests them. I had been experimenting with a language called Processing that focuses on visual displays, which I thought would make a good presentation. HUGOMORE42 Unfortunately, when I went to give my presentation, my laptop and the projector decided that they weren't on speaking terms.

Mitch the Cat Died Today

He died peacefully last night. We buried him in front of his favorite window with his favorite toy: a twisty tie. We'll miss you Fuzz-ball. HUGOMORE42

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