Heidi's Graduation

This is also a bit late, but Heidi graduated last weekend from MSU. It was pretty dark where the convocation was held, so those pictures didn't turn out too well. We got some nice ones in MSU's garden though.

This is almost a month late, but we hope everybody had a good holiday season. Ours was nice; very relaxing despite our yearly Odyssey across Michigan. Here are the pictures. Heidi started her paid internship this month. She's responsible for more schools now, which results in more work and more driving. We're really looking forward to the added income though. Hopefully we'll finally be able to save up some money, and get out of apartments.

Christmas Pictures

The pictures should be up by the time anybody reads this. They won't have any captions yet, but they'll be there. Next on the list: New Years

Happy New Year

Hope everybody had a nice New Years. HUGOMORE42 We spent it watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy extended edition with some friends. Yes, that's around 12 hours of movie, and yes, I'm quite aware that I'm a geek :)

Wedding pictures

Our wedding pictures are now on our site. Click on Gallery on the left. Thank you to everyone who came, it was a great day! Heidi

Chase, Heidi, and Family