On Security Now this week, they mentioned Asm.js. This project by the Mozilla guys creates a subset of javascript that's pre-compilable, thus creating a huge performance boost for scripts. Even better, the fact that it's still valid javascript means that it runs in engines that don't support Asm.js. HUGOMORE42 This is a great idea, and could open up some scripting possibilities that were unfeasible even in Chrome's engine. I hope other browsers jump on this bandwagon!

I recently attended the 2009 edition of Bar Camp, Grand Rapids, which was very interesting as always. Bar Camp is a conference (mostly oriented toward technology) where everybody is encouraged to present on whatever interests them. I had been experimenting with a language called Processing that focuses on visual displays, which I thought would make a good presentation. HUGOMORE42 Unfortunately, when I went to give my presentation, my laptop and the projector decided that they weren't on speaking terms.

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