This program is a computerized version of a tool Heidi uses to help teach kids to read. It displays three letters, a vowel surrounded by two consonants. Click a letter to change it, or click outside the letter boxes to change all three.

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Built with Processing

Code nPFont font; String word=""; char vowels[] = {'A','E','I','O','U'}; char[] conc = new char[21]; String[] banned={"BAN","WRD","LST"}; int rwidth=100; int rheight = 120; int lborder=50; int tborder=85; boolean not_vowel(char c) { boolean vowel=true; for (int i=0;i<5;i++) { if (c == vowels[i]) { vowel=false; break; } } return vowel; } boolean is_banned(String s) { boolean banword=false; for (int i=0;i x) && (mouseX < x + rwidth) && (mouseY > y) && (mouseY < y + rheight)) { clicked=i; break; } x += (rwidth); } if (clicked == -1) { change_letters(); } else { change_letter(clicked); } loop(); }