We spent a few days in June at the Kent cottage. My parents, sisters, and their families were there also. We had really good weather. We celebrated Fathers Day, Brian's birthday, and David's birthday. We spent our time either in the water or at the campfire. While we were there, Chase got news that he will be laid off from his job at the end of July. We are staying optimistic though that he will find something soon. We went directly from the cottage to Fisherman's Island State Park for a camping trip. Fisherman's Island is just south of Charlevoix, and is right on Lake Michigan. I survived the "rustic" bathrooms. Chase's mom, Kyle, Aunt Lori, Rachel, Aunt Jenny, and Nancy were there. It poured the first night we were there. Chase and I luckily sealed the tent before we left, and it kept us dry during the storm. The weather was nice during the rest of the weekend. We ate in Charlevoix on the first night at an oyster bar, which was very good. We ate well during the rest of the weekend at the campsite also. We had breakfast burritos, spaghetti and garlic bread, and brats all made either over the fire or on the camp stove. We went to an art show in Charlevoix, and spent a lot of time at Lake Michigan on the beach. Over the fourth of July on the following weekend, we went to the Bolen cottage on Lake Avalon near Alpena. Chase's grandma, mom and dad, and Kyle and Jacquie were there. Chase's grandma is doing really well considering what she has been through over the past few months. We had very nice weather. We swam, went out on the boat, had campfires, and had a really good time. We saw a very funny sign in Vienna at a gas station on our way home. I made Chase turn around so I could take a picture. We spent the next weekend in Mt. Pleasant. Chase was a groomsman in his friend Ben's wedding (better known as Wookie). Chase has known Ben since elementary school, and they grew up a couple of miles from each other. The wedding was in the chapel at Alma college, and the reception was right outside the chapel. There was a tent for eating and a tent for dancing. They had lots of flowers which they grew themselves. The weather was very nice, despite a gloomy forecast. Ben and Kate are a really good match, so it was fun to be a part of their day. Chase's friend Dave and his girlfriend Lindsey came from California for the weekend. We haven't seen Dave in two years, and it was really nice to get caught up. We were also able to meet Chase's friend Justin and Abby's new baby, Kaylee. Congratulations, Kate and Ben! Pictures are in the gallery. arm...leg...first born HUGOMORE42