We went to Crystal Mountain last weekend with Tim, Nancy, Kyle, and Jacquie. Chase used to go skiing with his family and with the Pollacks at Crystal Mountain when he was younger. He also skis with Sam in our yard. I have only been to Thompsonville to go to Mike's for the annual canoe trip. I used to cross country ski with my family when I was younger, but hadn't skied in a long time and had never downhill skied. This promised to be an interesting weekend :) HUGOMORE42 We stayed in a condo right by the resort. On Saturday, we went ice skating and celebrated Chase's birthday. We got lots of snow Saturday night into Sunday, and the temperature dropped to 0 degrees. We decided to brave the cold and go skiing on Sunday. When we got there, we found that they had shut down the chair lifts. A couple of people walked up the hill with saucers and sledded down, which looked like a lot of fun. We went cross country skiing on about three miles of trails. Just about all of us took a spill at some point. Chase's beard froze, my hair froze, and Jacquie's nose was frostbitten for a little while. It was really fun though, and we warmed up pretty quickly with hot drinks and appetizers at the lodge afterward. Pictures are posted in the gallery.