Hello again, I'm back from my trip... HUGOMORE42 I got back Tuesday afternoon, and it's good to be home. The hiking was great, Big South Fork is a beautiful park (pictures). Considering that neither of us had done much hiking since high school, it was extremely successful. Travelling wasn't so good though, and I can't say I'm anxious to try greyhound again. We got to the park a little after noon on Thursday, September 1. The area had some Katrina-related storms previously, and the ranger mentioned that they'd had some high winds. This was apparent later, with all the downed trees we had to circumvent. We cut off part of a loop on the second day. The previous evening we'd made the hike down to the nearest water source, and had no intentions of going through that again. The subject of water came up pretty regularly, since many sources seemed to be just a gully that was slightly more moist than others. Whether it was the time of year, or just a dry spell, I don't know. The trail was full of rock outcroppings and overlooks, and the scenery was definitely worth the work required to get to it. It was quite a change from Michigan. I'd suggest bringing lots of water carrying capacity, sun block, and bug spray. As for the way back, the bus was an hour late getting to Elizabethtown, which meant I missed my connection in Louisville. After spending four hours there waiting for the next bus, I got the last seat (next to the bathroom). Then (in Indianapolis I think) they decided my pack was supposed to change buses without me, and I haven't seen it since. So I'll be avoiding Greyhound if at all possible. Thanks to Joe and Melissa for their hospitality.