We've returned from back-to-back trips to the U.P. and Tennessee. More on that in future posts. The two days since we got back have been spent moving into the house, after which I think we're both ready for another vacation. Big thanks to everybody who helped us with cleaning and moving this weekend. We would never be in now if it weren't for your help. Our first evening in the house went well, though I think we spent most of it trying to find where we had packed various things. Mitch, never a fan of change, is in hiding except for jumping on me in the middle of the night. Sam has spent the last week boarded at his usual doggie daycare place, which reduced the stress of the move on all involved. We still have a lot of work to do in unpacking and landscaping, but we're hoping to avoid moving again for a very long time. Pictures will have to wait, since we don't yet have internet access there. Until then, we hope everybody has a nice 4th of July. HUGOMORE42