We're nearing our second week in the house, and I'm just starting to learn where light switches are. Still no internet, and after years of having it on demand it feels like loosing a sense. Unfortunately, we're too far out for cable or DSL, so we're looking into satellite. We looked into access through the cell phone network, but they charge over $50 a month per device. If Heidi and I both wanted our laptops online, we'd be paying over $100 per month. I spent my morning digging a hole for (and assembling) our mailbox. Since I had to get to work, Heidi then had her first experience with cement. It sounds like she didn't enjoy it much, but the mailbox is up. We're both glad to be out of the apartment:
  • No more upstairs neighbors with elephant feet and loud arguments.
  • We have fireflies instead of headlights in our windows at night.
  • There's always a parking spot right by the door.
  • If there's loud music playing, its mine.
  • No more neighbors dumping rotten food on the lawn (seriously: red meat, vegetable peelings, whole fish, etc).
  • When the wind blows the rustling sound comes from trees instead of litter.