Our house is coming along pretty quickly! Since our last update, we now have a roof, shingles, soffit, heating ducts, windows, a fireplace, and the beginnings of the electricity and plumbing. We need an electrical inspection and then a building inspection. Once we pass those inspections, they will start on the drywall and insulation. I would bet that exterior doors will go in soon too. More pictures are in the gallery. Lots of people we have talked to have said that they wouldn't want to build a house because you have to make so many decisions and that it would be difficult to pick out every little thing. The design of the floor plan was pretty hard, but other than that, we have just taken it a step at a time. We get lots of advice too! Then came the time for the electrician to start on the house. Chase met with him for two hours! They talked about every light, switch, etc. in every single room! It's hard to anticipate every place you might want a phone or a tv or an electrical outlet, especially when there is no furniture in the house. So that was not easy, but there is still plenty of time to make changes. Hopefully we won't find any changes to make. Tom has already moved a doorway and a window for us. Better we move these things now before the drywall is up. I'm going to get back to watching the MSU-Ohio State game. I'm still hoping for a comeback :)