I am finally getting around to posting pictures from Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve going between parties at Chase's grandpa's house and my dad's house. Thankfully, they live across the street from each other. We spent Christmas day at my mom's house and Chase's parents' house. Christmas break made me look forward to summer vacation. As usual, I was not ready to go back to work. Chase did not get much of a break since he was asked to work over Christmas. We got lots of wonderful gifts. Most notably, Chase's man-cave is now outfitted with a pool table, dart board, and kegerator. We decided to have a New Years Eve party since the man cave is now full of fun stuff. Mark, Jessica, Kyle, Jacquie, and Jill came over. We played pool, darts, hearts, and Apples to Apples. We watched tv long enough to watch the ball drop and then turned it back off again. Chase and I had a lot of fun. We hope everyone else did too! I also added some random pictures from December and January of Sam and Mitch, and of the snow. HUGOMORE42