We recently finished moving to Grand Rapids... HUGOMORE42 It took a few weeks, and we're very glad to be done. You don't realize how much crap you have until you have to move it all. Thanks to everybody who gave us a hand, it would have taken forever without you. We like the new place for the most part. It's a quiet complex, and we have lots of room. The downsides are mostly little things, such as the kitchen cupboards and drawers all being narrower, which creates a surprising amount of trouble. I definitely like the improvement in the commute though. In addition, we got a dog today from the Humane Society. He came with the name Levy (pronounced Le vee), but Heidi’s not too fond of that one. We’re thinking Sam, with the dual inspirations of Samwise Gamgee and his repeated attempts to get at my Sam Adams this evening. He’s a one and a half year old yellow lab, and he’s very affectionate and rambunctious. Pictures can be found in the gallery. Finally, congratulations to Ted and Erika on the birth of their first son Theodore Josiah (TJ). We hope to meet him soon.