I posted new pictures in the gallery: HUGOMORE42 Tailgating - We tailgated at the MSU vs. Notre Dame game. John came from North Carolina for the game. We hadn't seen him in years, and it was good to catch up. It was incredibly hot that day, and we ended up packing up early and watching the game at Mark and Jessica's house. Fall 2008 - Chase has been taking the camera with him when he walks Sam. He took lots of fall pictures, plus pictures of Sam being his crazy self. There are also pictures from David and Daniel's soccer games. Halloween - We went to the Bosch's for the annual pumpkin carving party. We helped the kids carve their pumpkins, and had a pumpkin-goop war. We also had a Halloween party at our house. Mark and Jessica came in goth costumes. It was so realistic that they were hard to recognize. Raj had a very cool costume, and came as an Indian King. Robin was Sarah Palin...scary! Jill was dressed as a Best Buy employee, and Jason was dressed as a Circuit City employee. Chase was a Scottsman, and I was a fairy. We had lots of fun :)