The flooded apartment didn't end up doing a whole lot of damage. We have some peeling paint on the lower couple inches of the walls, and some of my books are a lot less flat than they used to be. The computer is also displaying some very strange behavior. Strangely, this is the computer that was off when the water hit, but the one that was on at the time was completely fine. I still haven't heard anything from greyhound about my missing pack. When I called him about a month ago they told me they hadn't found it yet, but that they would contact me a month after I had reported it missing. That would have been around three weeks ago. Apparently I'll have to harass them to get reimbursed. I'm not looking forward to that, since I spent over an hour on hold last time I called. We went to the MSU v. Indiana game this Saturday. Big thanks to Heidi's Mom and Tom for the use of their tickets. It was a beautiful day for a game, and a nice change from the results of the last few Spartan games. It was the first time I had seen the addition to the stadium finished, and it was kind of strange to see the old ceramic Sparty inside instead of in his usual place. I posted a few more pictures: Our trip to the Wever Cottage back in September. This year's Jack O' Lanterns October's trip to the Kent Cabin