It has been a while since my last update, so here it is... HUGOMORE42 I've gotten past the "reading at my desk stage" at Smiths, and have mostly taken over (with ongoing help from my predecessor) as our project's Code Librarian. That means I take others' changes to the application, pull them together, build it, and test to make sure there aren't problems. I'm also putting part of my time toward the part of the application that controls the radios, but there hasn't been much time for that lately.

Heidi was in Georgia on vacation this past week, and she was in Iowa for a conference part of the week before that. She definitely seems to be enjoying the whole summers off thing. I haven't built up enough vacation days to be going anywhere quite yet, so I was on my own. Heidi should have vacation pictures coming soon.

She also accepted an internship in Ionia intermediate school district for next fall. She'll be based in Saranac Elementary (if I remember right). That’s about all I know, so you’ll have to ask her if you want details.

On another note, I recently found the South Park Studio, where I wasted far too much time. Here are Heidi and I as South Park characters: