Here's an update as to what's going on with us at the moment... HUGOMORE42 Having graduated in December, I'm still looking around for a job. I applied to several places, and I'm working through the process and waiting to hear back. In the meantime I'm finishing up some projects with the Geography Department at MSU, and trying to make sure the handoff to other programmers goes smoothly. Thanks to all the people who have offered assistance in the job-hunt. Everybody has been really helpful with referrals, references, and tips for openings. Also, thanks to Andrew and Gonzo for helping me find my way around Chicago, getting me severely beaten in Halo 2, and giving me a place to stay for a few days. Congratulations to the Pollacks with a new family member, and the Pokorskis and the Dryers with ones on the way. Good luck at the new job Mark. Heidi has this last semester to finish with classes. She then has a year of internship before she graduates. She's currently spending her time between classes at MSU and her practicum at schools in Grand Ledge.