...or at least from our house, with a brief layover in space. In other words, we finally broke down and got a satellite dish. Two of them really: one for internet, and one for TV. Of course, tonight would be the night we get a big storm that messes up the signal. Now that I've gotten this through the storm, though, I'm heading to bed.

House so far

We're nearing our second week in the house, and I'm just starting to learn where light switches are. Still no internet, and after years of having it on demand it feels like loosing a sense. Unfortunately, we're too far out for cable or DSL, so we're looking into satellite. We looked into access through the cell phone network, but they charge over $50 a month per device. If Heidi and I both wanted our laptops online, we'd be paying over $100 per month.

House Update

Our house is coming along pretty quickly! Since our last update, we now have a roof, shingles, soffit, heating ducts, windows, a fireplace, and the beginnings of the electricity and plumbing. We need an electrical inspection and then a building inspection. Once we pass those inspections, they will start on the drywall and insulation. I would bet that exterior doors will go in soon too.

House News

We've been mentioning the house plans for a while, but Tuesday we broke ground. It doesn't look like much yet, of course. We're excited though. Until now, everything has just been on paper, and it's nice to see the results. As usual, pictures are available in the gallery.

Land Closing

We closed on the land purchase this past Tuesday. We're very glad to have that behind us. Now we just have to start designing a house, building it, and paying for all this…

Chase, Heidi, and Family