Cozumel Part 2

I somehow just realized that I forgot to post the rest of the Cozumel stay. Here it is. HUGOMORE42 The main road on Cozumel essentially makes a loop around the lower half of the island. Starting at San Miguel in the west, it heads east till it hits the ocean, follows the coast all the way south, and then loops back north to San Miguel again along the west coast.


Just posted the pictures from our vacation to Cozumel, Mexico over Thanksgiving. It was a strange time to go on a trip, but, Heidi only has vacation days at certain times. Most of that is in summer (when it's nice to be in Michigan), so our vacation dates are pretty narrowed down. HUGOMORE42 We stayed in a hotel called Casita de Maya. We hoped that staying in a smaller place would give us a better feel for the culture, and a more personal experience.

Mitch the Cat Died Today

He died peacefully last night. We buried him in front of his favorite window with his favorite toy: a twisty tie. We'll miss you Fuzz-ball. HUGOMORE42

Grand Rapids Chalk Flood 2009

Today Heidi and I met Jill and Jason at the Grand Rapids Chalk Flood. Downtown Grand Rapids was filled with people decorating the sidewalks, walls, streets, trees, and just about anything else within reach. It would be hard to imagine having a more beautiful day for it. Here are some pictures. HUGOMORE42 Afterward, we headed to the Winchester for dinner and drinks with my family. It's a great little bar down on Wealthy, but we never would have found it if they hadn't told us to watch for the motorcycle guy on the sign.

Easter 2009

We hope everybody had a good Easter. Ours was a busy one. We went first to the Breen Easter for dinner and the annual egg hunt. Fun was had by all, since the kids decided they would re-hide the eggs for the adults to find. HUGOMORE42 Afterward, we went to the combined Wever Easter and birthday party for my aunt Lori. We missed dinner, but made it in time for a very impressively decorated cake.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from Key West. Pictures coming soon. Hope everybody is having a good holiday.

New pictures

I posted new pictures in the gallery: HUGOMORE42 Tailgating - We tailgated at the MSU vs. Notre Dame game. John came from North Carolina for the game. We hadn't seen him in years, and it was good to catch up. It was incredibly hot that day, and we ended up packing up early and watching the game at Mark and Jessica's house. Fall 2008 - Chase has been taking the camera with him when he walks Sam.

Chase, Heidi, and Family