The problem for Yahoo is that this mandate isn't about "Home" or "Office", it's about "Home or Office." It's about flexibility, autonomy, and freedom. The ability to choose when and where to do my work is part of the reason I went into this business in the first place. It also factors in to which companies I choose to work for, and I'll bet a lot of Yahoo employees made the same calculation.


It has been a while since my last update, so here it is... HUGOMORE42 I've gotten past the "reading at my desk stage" at Smiths, and have mostly taken over (with ongoing help from my predecessor) as our project's Code Librarian. That means I take others' changes to the application, pull them together, build it, and test to make sure there aren't problems. I'm also putting part of my time toward the part of the application that controls the radios, but there hasn't been much time for that lately.

First week at work

I'm in the middle of my first week at Smiths. So far it has been pretty unglamorous, involving reading a bunch of acronym-filled technical documents. A lot like grad school that way really, but with less equations and more coffee. The plan is to ease into more programming-related stuff once I’ve learned the ropes, since the project is gigantic.

New Job

I recently accepted a position at Smiths Aerospace. HUGOMORE42 It will mean a bit of a commute for a while, but they're on the east side of Grand Rapids so it's not too bad. I think we'll be looking to move closer eventually. The job will involve working on some of the programs inside a component of C-130’s. For a majority of the last five years I’ve been working with databases and web programming, and a good portion of that was healthcare-related.

Update for February

Here's an update as to what's going on with us at the moment... HUGOMORE42 Having graduated in December, I'm still looking around for a job. I applied to several places, and I'm working through the process and waiting to hear back. In the meantime I'm finishing up some projects with the Geography Department at MSU, and trying to make sure the handoff to other programmers goes smoothly.

Chase, Heidi, and Family