I recently attended the 2009 edition of Bar Camp, Grand Rapids, which was very interesting as always. Bar Camp is a conference (mostly oriented toward technology) where everybody is encouraged to present on whatever interests them. I had been experimenting with a language called Processing that focuses on visual displays, which I thought would make a good presentation. HUGOMORE42 Unfortunately, when I went to give my presentation, my laptop and the projector decided that they weren't on speaking terms. That was a bit of a problem, given the talk's focus on graphics. I ended up giving a verbal description of the language, and then we all gathered around my laptop screen to see the visuals. Thankfully, Bar Camp audiences tend to be very good natured, since they're all probably going to be presenting eventually themselves. You can take a look at the presentation I intended to give. I also put up a page gathering all my Processing stuff in one place. All the examples from the presentation should be available there.